Frequently asked questions

Here you will find questions and answers about the Car Sharing service dedicated to the community at LOAS in Lappeenranta. Let’s make your journey smoother and more enjoyable, together.

Not using the car sharing service yet?

Make sure the car has not been started. If the car has been started, turn it off. Close the car doors again via the app and open the doors. The cable should then disconnect.

All charging stations also have a QR code sticker to view the guide video.


The cable cannot be disconnected from the charging station in normal situations. Charging during the journey is done with quick chargers with a fixed cable for charging, e.g., ABC-charging, K-charging. If necessary, please call the emergency number +358 3 5224220 if you are unable to use the quick chargers during your booking and need to take the cable with you.

Check that you have done everything in the right order. If you still can't find the charging station, check if the charging has started automatically. When the charging station lights up blue and the green light in the charging hatch flashes, the car is charging. Continue to finish your booking by pressing the "Skip" button. If the car does not charge, call the emergency number +358 3 5224220.

When charging is in progress, the blue light on the charging station is on and the car charging light flashes green.

Download charging apps to your phone e.g., ABC-charging or K-charging. Use fast charging to save time. Charging during journey on charging stations is not free.

You can park the shared car at LOAS parking spot during your booking, but you cannot charge. LOAS only offers charging at the start of the booking, the status of which is confirmed by the customer on "Drive now" bookings. For "Book ahead" bookings, the charging at the start is promised at 60%, not 100%.

If the charge is lower than 60%, please report it in the feedback section.

Check that you have a good network connection and that you have turned on the Bluetooth function on your phone. If these are OK and the doors still don't open, call the emergency number +358 3 5224220.

Lock the car, wait a moment, and open the doors again. The car should now start. This may be due to a momentary power failure or a power saving mode during a wash, for example. The power-saving mode is activated when the car is running but not being driven. The power saving mode can also be activated at the car wash. In power-saving mode, a momentary press of the start button is often sufficient.

If the car does not ask you to stop, you can drive to your destination.  The car can ask you to stop and switch off the engine for five minutes. If the message is still displayed after the engine has been switched off, call Peugeot Roadside Assistance on tel. +358 800143143. The roadside assistance service is available 24/7. You can also ask the roadside assistance service to contact City Yhteisautot on tel. +358 3 5224220, so that we can start arranging the reservations that are about to start.

Check that there is air in the tyres, at least visually, and that the tyre has not sunk significantly.

If the tyres appear to be OK, do the following while the car is at a standstill:

- select the car icon on the screen

- under the icon you will find a low tyre pressure check

- press the check and confirm with ok, the light should go out

A common cause of ESP failure is a sensor fault, which usually is solved when the car is stopped and switched off. If the fault indicator remains lit, the car can continue to be driven. When returning the car, please report the problem in the feedback section or by calling the emergency service on +358 3 5224220.

The battery charge cannot be guaranteed when you reserve the car with the “Drive now” booking function. Always check the battery charge in the application before finalizing the booking. Towing charges to the charging station caused by a low battery charge will be charged to the customer.

When making a reservation for any other time, the charge in the car will be around 60%, not 100%.

In summer, a normal driving distance is about 300 km and in winter about 200 km.

Battery life is affected by the driver's driving style and by severe frosts in winter. In severe frosts, the driving distance can be reduced to half of the summer driving distance.

The car must always be returned to the pick-up address.

The app is personal, and you cannot give your account to someone else. A photo of the additional driver's license must be submitted by email to vesa@yhteisautot.fi.

In urgent cases, please call the emergency number 03 5224220.

Cleanliness is primarily the responsibility of the user. The car should be cleaned of debris after use and washed if necessary. Washing cards are available for washing and vacuuming the car.

If you have left things in your car, please call +358 3 5224220. However, the service provider is not responsible for items left in the car.

During your booking, you can extend your time by clicking on "Continue booking". The booking can be extended for the time allowed by the application.

The car must always be returned by the end of the reservation. If you are unable to return the car for any reason, please contact the emergency number +358 3 5224220. The supplier reserves the right to charge the user for the costs of non-return of the car and any cancellations of the following reservations.

The map in the app shows the available cars in the area, but the map in the app does not show the exact location of the cars. You can find the car using any map service using the address provided.

The cars at Anni Swaninkatu 4 are in the courtyard of the building and access is from the section between Valtakatu and Koulukatu, about halfway down the driveway that leads to the courtyard of the building. Cars can be found on the right-hand side in the reserved parking spaces in the house.

The booking period is the time you have booked and paid for.

The app will only work within the booked time. The car must be activated, and, at the end of the booking, the doors must be locked, and the charging must be done within the time limit. The app will not work if you try to pick up or return the car outside the reserved time.

The driver's own liability in the event of an accident is 1000€. Damage is defined as self-inflicted damage, damage caused by another person where fault cannot be proved, damage caused by an animal, damage to tyres or rims, damage to windscreens or other car windows.

However, the total responsibility for the cost of repairing damage caused by intent or negligence (e.g., the windscreen rubs when the washer fluid runs out) rests with the customer.

The customer is obliged to refill the windscreen washer fluid at his own expense if the windscreen washer fluid runs out during the booking. The supplier will replenish the fluids during the inspection visits.

You are not allowed to park your own car in the parking spot of the shared car.